Implementation Resources

All of our Resources and Offers Related to Implementation of Sociocracy in Organizations

“My interest in this work comes from my interest in equality.
Sociocratic organizations are one of the few places in our society where we can live equality in practice.
And when everyone is equal and there is a structure that supports that, we can build organizations that show that an alternative and more just world is possible. 

Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Sociocracy Starter Kit – Article

Article outline

  1. Understand sociocracy — connecting and educating
  2. Explore sociocracy — building a home base and experimenting
  3. Making a decision and putting it in place 

We assume you’re part of an organization — your own business, your workplace, your community, your association. You have some basic knowledge in sociocracy.

Let’s say you know that you are dreaming of turning your organization into a self-managed organization, using sociocracy (or any related framework). Now what?

First of all, let me say that I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter method. Every organization is a little different. And every organization has its unique advantages and potential challenges. Interestingly, every organization has to shift in some way. […]” Read article


Online Offers that Support Implementations

Organizational structure class

Online classes (3x 2 hours) on sociocratic circle structures – lots of examples and an opportunity to design your own with some trainer feedback.

Online coaching packages

Coaching packages – just the level of “hand-holding” that you choose to get the organization you want. 

All Resources Related to Implementation

Pop-up sociocracy
How can you use sociocracy for a small project? How can you use it for a group that is just
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Comical sign pointing in three directions that show the right way
The Holy Grail of Self-management
Still looking for the perfect governance system? Stop overthinking. Start doing. Improve from there.
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Graphic — circle of people generating ideas
The myth of natural flow
Why we can’t pretend “just talking” will not be oppressive. Let's talk about structures that truly liberate us.
Read more.
3 tools from sociocracy to use right away, plus magic phrases
Many organizations are intrigued by the idea of self-governance using circle-based frameworks. However, it can be intimidating to implement those
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Signs pointing left and right — un-intentional decisions/intentional decisions
To decide or not to decide?
3 decisions every young organization will make — with intention or without
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Graphic: Sociocracy A la carte
Sociocracy a la carte?
Can one just pick and choose from sociocracy, or is it a package deal?
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How to design a new circle structure (for existing organizations)
This is a step-by-step guide to designing a circle structure for small and medium-sized self-governed organizations.
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Book — Many Voices One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy
Sociocracy Handbook: Many Voices One Song
The practical sociocracy handbook written by the co-founders of Sociocracy For All. 300 pages full of real-life support!
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Common pitfalls for implementation of sociocracy
A change in governance or an organization can be compared to open-heart surgery. Just like heart surgery is invasive for
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Social Enterprise Start-ups – 5 reasons to implement sociocracy early
If you are a social enterpreneur, integrity in your decision-making will be important to you, and you're not willing to
Read more.

Case Studies – stories from the field

Case study of Treehouse Ecohousing
Treehouse Village Ecohousing is a project to build a cohousing community, the first in Atlantic Canada. It officially launched on
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Team of harvesters on a farm (SoLaWi)
Solawi Bodensee is a German association with around 90 members. Solawi is an acronym for “Solidarische Landwirtschaft” which is translated
Read more.
Logo — Pittsfield Listens!
Pittsfield Listens!
Pittsfield Listens  Pittsfield Listens is an organization in Pittsfield, New Hampshire, that works to build community, inform on civic issues,
Read more.
Arbo Life logo
Arbolife was founded by Morli and Marc Mathys because they wanted to take a road to better care about themselves
Read more.
Organizational chart - Nothing (zoomed in)
Peer-to-Peer Governance in a for-profit organization
Design company. The new processes were introduced gradually.
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Photo of group at work
Rocky Corner cohousing
Rocky Corner is a cohousing community being built in Bethany, Connecticut in the USA.
Read more.
Another School is Possible Association
A movement striving for a child­centered, play­focused, non­profit primary education.
Read more.
logo — Learn two Change
Non-profit: Learn To Change
Case study: Learn to change is a Non Governmental Organization that brings together a community of teachers and educators working
Read more.
A Time bank in Massachusetts
Valley Time Trade is a volunteer organization that tracks hours of service offered by members to other members, referred to
Read more.
Mindfulness first: a sense of calm for communities and classrooms
Mindfulness first
Mindfulness first is a nonprofit that promotes mindfulness in schools and beyond.
Read more.
A theater company
A worker-owned theater company in New York state.
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Community of eco villages: Casa Latina
Casa Latina is the Latin American part of the Global Ecovillage Network, an association of ecovillages
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LOS school
LOS is a sociocratic school located in the small village of Duerne in the south of the Netherlands.
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Cohousing: Eden community
Eden Community is a Christian cohousing community. 
Read more.
For Profit: KittenTech
This case study features a proposal for a for-profit in the UK.
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Cohousing: Instituto Bioregional do Cerrado
IBC’s purpose is to raise awareness and increase sustainability in bioregional communities.
Read more.
Cohousing: Pioneer Valley Coho
A sociocratic community in Massachusetts that switched over after almost 20 years of consensus.
Read more.
Cohousing: Cohabitat Québec
An urban sociocratic cohousing community in Quebec, Canada, that values non-violent communication.
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For purpose: Galgael
A social enterprise giving people more opportunity.
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Residential Care Facility
This case study features a residential care facility in Vermont that has been using sociocracy for many years in combination
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Holma Folk Highschool
This case study features a large permaculture school in Sweden.
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