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Recognize these thoughts?


"Too many meetings are just a waste of time."


"They say they are interested in feedback but when I give input, nothing happens from it."


"Our decision-making is slow, unclear and not always fair."

What’s a better way to


Use meeting time efficiently.


Consider relevant input and make high-quality decisions.


Give everyone more clarity on who does what - and why!

Infographic — Sociocracy is inclusive and saves time

What Sociocracy Offers


A clear decision-making method: consent.


A break from micro-management. It clusters tasks and authority into roles, and roles into teams.


People in linking roles connect teams to keep everything aligned and transparent.

Sociocratic organizations are more effective and more human

Introduction Videos

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Introduction Articles

Keep Meetings Short

Long meetings are a pain. Let’s make them shorter.

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3 Tools

3 tools from Sociocracy to use right away (plus magic phrases!)

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